Parking Technology

Parking Technology

Bike Dock Solutions is proud to present the most innovative product launch in cycle parking in recent times.

We have partnered with Bikeep, developers of the smart commercial bike rack that locks your bikes securely with your phone or swipe card.

No need for bike locks anymore, the Bikeep securely holds the bike with a round steel bar which is alarmed if anyone tries to cut it. You can use your mobile to set up, then place your bike and lock it. Then when you return, the system will recognise your phone and will unlock it for you. Simple as that.

First installed in 2013 and installed in the USA and Europe, there have been zero bike thefts reported with the Bikeep.

Suitable for businesses, universities, schools, and local government.

Bikeep Smart Bicycle Rack

Bikeep Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost

Please get in touch for a price here

2. Do cyclist pay for it?

It is technically possible to set up payment channels but the stations are not equipped with it by default. Until now nobody has wanted to charge money from a cyclist. Usually customers decide that the bigger value is in safe bike parking and more cyclists at their location.

3. Why don’t cyclists pay for the parking instead of me?

Business owner: by giving it free you actually generate more revenue from new customers. See a study here.
School/university: You will get more cyclist out there if the bike parking is easy and secure. See a study here.

4. What happens if the phone battery dies?

There is a hotline number written on the station, you need to borrow someone else’s phone to call to hotline and answer some security questions to confirm the identity.

5. Does it suit to all bikes?

Yes, you can park all types of bicycles to Bikeep station. Basically you can park anything in Bikeep station that has a loop from where the bar can go through.

6. What is needed from me to install the Bikeep station?

Customer only need to provide a power cable at the location of installation.

7. Do the racks work properly in the harsh weather conditions?

They work perfectly in winter and hot summer.

8. Can we change the location of the station after installing?

Bikeep stations are modular you can add docks later if needed and also change the location.

9. What if the station breaks down?

In the unlikely case of a breakdown, customer or user can call to the hotline number and we can restart the station remotely.

10. Can you make Bikeep station with my brand colors?

Yes, we can.

11. How much room do they take?

Depending on layout: Straight 8128mm for 10 dock station - see drawing
2 sides 5080mm for 10 dock station – see drawing